Great Fullness of Life

Many business owners find it hard to develop the right strategy to cope with uncertainty. In this concise but powerful FREE seminar, named with a play on words, Barrett Ersek, CEO of Holganix, the fast-growing lawn-care-products company, offers insights into his own winning approach: Making gratitude a core value at his company.It’s a strategy that has resulted in incredible abundance in his business and personal life.

You’ll learn:

  • Why gratitude matters more than ever in today’s world
  • How bringing your gratitude into business situations can lead to a stronger company, better working relationships and a greater ability to ride out the unexpected
  • Why even your venture capitalist needs to know what you’re grateful for
  • How simple expressions of thanks can pave the way to a better home life

Set aside 15 minutes today to watch this life changing seminar.

about the authorBarrett Ersek

A seriously addicted entrepreneur, Barrett started his first company in 1989 while a junior in high school at the age of 17. The company, Custom Care Lawn Service, specialized in the “Green Grass, No Weeds” business and had operations focused in the Philadelphia area. Barrett grew this company to over $2 million in revenue before selling the business to publicly traded Scotts Company in 2003.

On January 1, 2004 Barrett started HappyLawn of America Inc. HappyLawn also focused on the green grass no weeds business and began operations in the Baltimore area. The company had developed a proprietary selling process that allowed the company to grow rapidly from $0 to $10 million in revenue by 2007. Today operations cover North Virginia to North New Jersey.

In addition to the Green Grass, No Weeds service businesses, Barrett has founded companies in franchising, manufacturing, and commercial real estate development:

  • Custom Care America Inc was a franchisor in the lawn care space.
  • Green America Inc invented and manufactured proprietary lawn care application equipment.
  • Cambridge tool works also in manufacturing of specialty wood working equipment.
  • TE enterprises focused on commercial real estate development and management.

Barrett has been actively involved in The Entrepreneurs Organization “EO” serving as the Philadelphia chapter president, forum chair, education chair, and mentor chair. In addition he has completed the three-year “Birthing of Giants” program, an EO – MIT sponsored educational program focused on fast growth companies.

Barrett currently shares his time residing in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Key Largo, Florida with his wife of over 17 years and his four children.